Palominos Near Tuba City is a selection of new and previously published poems from a long and distinguished career. These forty poems take us on a rich and fascinating journey, transporting us through history on memory's voices, singing a new vision of the familiar. Though her subjects vary from a visit to the mission at White Earth to parking a car, Sweet brings freshness to each. The poems leave markers where they have touched us, places we will return to to remember the startling beauty of a phrase, the quiet wisdom of a story, the good humor of our poet companion. She carries us to the brink of discovery; her words push us over.

"This is poetry of motion and action. In each of Denise Sweet's poems we are urged by example to run, to search, to map and remap our lives and lands, to grin, to tease, to learn, to question, to protest, and to remember. Most of all, these poems ask us to sing and to listen for the singing of creation."--Heid E. Erdrich, Editor of New Poets of Native Nations

Ms. Sweet's poetry collection is published by Duluth's Holy Cow! Press, and is funded in part by a grant from the Anishinabe Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.

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About the Author


Denise Sweet

Denise Sweet is faculty emerita, having taught Humanistic Studies, Creative Writing, and First Nations Studies for the University of Wisconsin―Green Bay. She has performed in theater and film productions (both a full-length feature and various documentaries), and has given over 100 readings in North and Central America, Canada and Europe. In 1998, her collection Songs for Discharming won both the Wisconsin Posner Award for Poetry, and the Diane Deborah Award, given by the North American Indigenous Writers Circle of the Americas. She is Anishinaabe (White Earth). In 2004, Governor James Doyle appointed Sweet as Wisconsin’s Poet Laureate (4-year term); the second laureate for the state.